Frac­tal Clock

26. November 2011
Software Global Scaling Clock

Soft­ware Global Scal­ing Clock

Con­trary to con­ven­tional mod­els, the time does not run lin­ear. In real­ity time is not a con­tin­uum, but a frac­tal. Based on the real time-​​fractal our Soft­ware team devel­oped the world­wide first frac­tal Clock.

The time com­presses and decom­presses the event struc­ture of any process in con­stant log­a­rith­mic time inter­vals. There­fore each time inter­val con­tains more or less events. The reg­u­lar­ity of the sequence of com­pres­sion and decom­pres­sion of the process event struc­ture one can see only on the log­a­rith­mic time scale.

The log­a­rith­mic time-​​fractal deter­mines the event struc­ture of any process, also the event struc­ture of a human life. Near a node of the time-​​fractal the process fluc­tu­a­tions are maximum.

Frac­tal Clock Features:

  • Multi-​​processor: You can fol­low sev­eral processes simultaneously;
  • Multi-​​function: For each open Frac­tal Glock you can define all func­tions separately;
  • Multi-​​system: As Java-​​software the Global Scal­ing Clock you can install under MS Win­dows or Linux;

Sys­tem requirements:

  • Java SE 5, free down­load at Java​.com;
  • Win­dows XP, plat­form neu­tral installer;
  • Linux, plat­form neu­tral installer;
  • Win­dows Vista and Win­dows 7, win­dows installer;


You can write an e-​​mail to: order@​anr-​institute.​com plac­ing your order.

License Price: 149,- Euro (plus sales tax), includ­ing one year upgrade service.

The down­load code will be send to you after the pay­ment was com­pleted. Pay­ment is accepted in the form of:

  • Bank trans­fer for Ger­many:
    Name: Erwin Müller
    Bank Name: Hypovere­ins­bank München
    IBAN: DE67820200860327441183
    Account Num­ber: 327 441 183
    BLZ: 820 200 86
    Swift Code: HYVEDEMM498


Frac­tal Clock Ver­sion 1.3.1 Doku­men­ta­tion Deutsch.pdf

If you already have a down­load code you can redeem it here:

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