27. November 2011
Global Scaling Calculator

Global Scal­ing Calculator

The Cal­cu­la­tor is a tool to ana­lyze the mea­sure­ments from the domain of the applied sci­ences and engi­neer­ing with the scal­ing analy­sis. It is pos­si­ble to cal­cu­late the scal­ing con­tin­ued frac­tion and to dis­play the posi­tion of the mea­sure­ments in the fun­da­men­tal fractal.

In addi­tion, with the Cal­cu­la­tor it is pos­si­ble to cal­cu­late the inverse of the analy­sis, the syn­the­sis. In the syn­the­sis we cal­cu­late from the given con­tin­ued frac­tion the measurement.

The Cal­cu­la­tor includes 48 gauges from the domain of the applied sci­ences and engineering.


Cal­cu­la­tor Features:

  • the graph­i­cal dis­play of the analy­sis results in the fun­da­men­tal fractal;
  • auto­matic cal­cu­la­tion of the phase;
  • auto­matic sched­ul­ing, cal­cu­la­tion of the num­ber of days between a start and a tar­get date and the analy­sis thereof;
  • sav­ing and export of data;
  • Multi-​​system: As Java-​​software the Cal­cu­la­tor you can install under MS Win­dows or Linux;

Sys­tem requirements:

  • Java SE 5, free down­load at Java​.com;
  • Win­dows XP, plat­form neu­tral installer;
  • Linux, plat­form neu­tral installer;
  • Win­dows Vista and Win­dows 7, win­dows installer;


You can write an e-​​mail to: order@​anr-​institute.​com plac­ing your order.

License Price: 339,- Euro (plus sales tax), includ­ing one year upgrade service.

The down­load code will be send to you after the pay­ment was com­pleted. Pay­ment is accepted in the form of:

  • Bank trans­fer for Ger­many:
    Name: Erwin Müller
    Bank Name: Hypovere­ins­bank München
    IBAN: DE67820200860327441183
    Account Num­ber: 327 441 183
    BLZ: 820 200 86
    Swift Code: HYVEDEMM498


Cal­cu­la­tor Ver­sion 1.64 Doku­men­ta­tion Deutsch.pdf

If you already have a down­load code you can redeem it here:

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